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Coventry Cathedral

Our trip to Coventry Cathedral

As the coach rolled in front of the historical landmarks, our breath was taken away by the majestic beauty; despite having no roof, it was still stunning. The Cathedral was a squared building of stone, encasing many statues - two people hugging in the shape of an arch (symbolising reconciliation) and a decorative coffin with a statue of the Cathedral’s former Bishop on top that had been there many years ago. At the front was a mammoth tower spiraling upwards, holding a view of all Coventry: it was captivating. We wandered around these two Cathedrals witnessing many other ancient symbols:

  • The cross of nails, rescued from the old Cathedral's ruin
  • A huge woven tapestry of Jesus
  • A wooden cross, from the Cathedral’s original roof
  • A rock ‘shell’ used for baptisms

Overall, we had an amazing day absorbing the sights and stories of this fabulous key to history.

Year 6