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Dreams and Goals

Friday 8th Febraury

In order to achieve our dreams and goals, it is important to be happy!  A happy outlook on life can give us confidence and strength!  Today we thought about all of the things that make us happy smiley


Friday 1st February

Today we thought about the people who help us to achieve our dream and goals.  We talked about what it is that makes these people so important to us when we are trying to reach our goals.  Our class wrote some lovely things about their friends and family and we are so fortunate to have these people in our lives!


Friday 18th January


All of our dreams will take time and dedication, and some might not be easy.  Today we thought about the 'steps' we might need to take to achieve our goal.  Taking one step at a time will help us to make it!


Friday 11th January


This week we thought about what we were most proud of and the children had some amazing things to share!  Here are just a few of the things that make the Year 2 children feel proud:


  • Swimming 10 metres
  • Moving up a book band
  • Getting a new baby brother
  • Passing a dance exam
  • Improving at Maths


We wrote about what makes our 'star shine' and then thought about how we could make our star 'shine brighter' by thinking about our dreams and goals for the future.  We have some very ambitious children in Year 2, which is FANTASTIC!  



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