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Healthy me!

Healthy Me - slogans!

This week was all about writing a slogan to convince people to be healthy!  The slogans that the children came up with were AMAZING!  Take a look...


Piece 3 - Medicines

This week we talked about medicines.  We wrote down the names of any medicines we knew and grouped them together according to what they do in our bodies.  We knew a lot of medicines!  We also discussed the importance of using medicines appropriately and how harmful they can be if not used correctly.


Picture 1

Piece 2 - Relax!

Today was all about relaxation!  Have a bit of 'time out' to relax is so important when we have such busy lives - we really need to recharge our batteries!  We looked at pictures of people in different situations (both stressful and fun) and talked about how relaxed they might be on a scale of 1-10.  Jigsaw Jo got involved too!  

Picture 1

Piece 1 - Being Healthy!

Today we looked at all of the things we need to do to stay healthy.  We talked about getting enough sleep and exercise, eating the right things and also keeping ourselves clean.  Jigsaw Jo wasn't feeling very motivated to stay healthy, so we made some suggestions to help him!  Here are a few pieces of our great advice...