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Welcome from the Oak Cottage Governors.  My name is Paul Goddard and I am pleased to be the current Chair of the Governing Body.


The governors are volunteers who are committed to the ethos of our school and ensuring that every child has the best possible experience while they are at Oak Cottage.  Getting this right is really important as it means our children will be fully prepared for when they move on to the challenges of secondary school.


The Governing Body is accountable in law for all major decisions about the school and its future.


Governing Body has three core strategic functions:

  • ensuring the clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school
  • holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance  of the school and its pupils
  • overseeing financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

                                                             See Terms of Reference below


How we operate

Our role is often described as one of a “critical friend”, governors both support the headteacher and staff and challenge in a constructive way.

Tasks are carried out by the Governing Body (such as approval of the School Improvement Plan) or delegated to committees or individuals in accordance with the Governing Body Delegation Planner.


The majority of work is carried out in three main committees:


Premises Committee – ensures the school site is fit for educational purposes including the upkeep of the buildings, facilities, contents and the grounds.

                                                                See Terms of Reference below

Resources Committee– ensures the efficient management of the school’s resources to achieve best value for money .

                                                                See Terms of Reference below

Evaluation Committee - ensures that the school provides the best possible education for our pupils and adopts policies and procedures which ensure that the school and Governing Body comply with their legal, ethical and moral obligations and has due regard to the role of the school in the community.


                                                               See Terms of Reference below


Like the Main Governing Body, the committees meet one afternoon or evening each term at school.


Our Governors - We have fourteen governors on our Governing Body:


1 Local Education Authority Governor – appointed by Solihull MBC

2 Staff Governors – elected by the school staff

4 Parent Governors – elected by parents

7 Co-opted Governors – appointed by the governing body for skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.     


The clerk to the governing body is Mrs Lesley Bullivant. If you would like to contact a school governor please contact the school office on 0121 704 9123.


Interested in becoming a governor?

If you are interested in becoming a governor at Oak Cottage or would like to know more about the role, please contact Mrs Bullivant in the school office.  Please find eligibility/disqualification information below and Governors Code of Conduct.


Appointments are carried out in accordance with the governing body's instrument of governance.


Review of academic year 2015-16


Main Governing Body – Chair, Mr Goddard


In 2015/16 the Governing Body concentrated on the 3 core functions – finance, educational performance and strategic issues. Financial matters were dealt with in detail through the Resources Committee reporting back to the Main Governing Body; educational performance through the Evaluation Committee. Our main strategic issue this year was about Multi Academy Trust status. Initially conversion to Multi Academy Trust was mandated by government by 2022 but then relaxed to be a matter for schools to consider. We researched the benefits of becoming an academy and setting up or joining an existing Multi Academy Trust and concluded that remaining as a community school was the best option for Oak Cottage at the current time but that we would keep up to date on the progress of Multi Academy Trust’s and the possibility for conversion has not been ruled out.


An important activity of the Main Governing Body is to set and monitor the School Improvement Plan. 2015/16 was the second year of the new National Curriculum and the School Improvement Plan had three priority actions-


     1. To maximise outcomes for all groups of pupils in the new curriculum

     2. To understand changes in the Ofsted Framework introduced in September 2015

     3. To further develop teachers’ assessment judgements.


The aims and targets were achieved thanks to the significant efforts of the Head Teacher, the Senior Management team and teaching staff.                                                                                


Safeguarding remains an absolute priority for our school. The subject was discussed frequently by governors and our annual report was presented at the final meeting on 13h July 2016.


Finally, we were delighted that Oak Cottage was named in the Sunday Times survey of best schools in the top 100 state primary schools in the country.


Resources Committee - Chair, Rev Campion

The Resources Committee section of the Governing Body is the group which focusses especially on providing the best value in the school from the resources available, so part of our time is given over to budgets and finance, but very much with an eye to overall strategy and future direction. In addition to our regular work, during the last year we have paid particular attention to pupil premium spending, professional development and in-house training and also to longer term ICT provision. We remain alert to the local authority forecasts in the school budget for the next few years. Our work in the Resources Committee is reported back to the whole governing body each term.


Evaluation Committee - Chair, Mrs Demosthenous

Its been a challenging and interesting year for the evaluation committee following changes to the national curriculum, the introduction of the new baseline for reception pupils and changes to the assessment process.  We've debated and considered with great interest how the school has apporoached these and other challenges and have been very fortunate to have had several presentations from our enthusiastic staff on  a variety of issues.  Following the national agenda Safeguarding has been a priority for the committee and we will continue to review and give consideration to the effectiveness of our policies.


Premises Committee - Chair, Mr Wilkins

The last 12 months has seen the infrastructure of Oak Cottage school further improved and enhanced.

There has been a new heating / air conditioning system fitted to the nursery area, a new door access security system installed and essential lighting work completed within the school. As one of the most used pieces of equipment in the school - a new photocopier leasing contract has been introduced to allow for more effective and efficient copying and scanning for the staff.

The school continues to strive towards maximising it's 'Green credentials' benefitting from serviced solar panels and Miss Bayley orchestrating the creation of gardening areas in 'Poly tunnels' in the school.

Finally a plethora of painting, decorating and furniture projects have been completed by Mr Nolan, in his first full year as Site Manager at Oak Cottage, proving to be a welcome and valuable asset to the school.


Terms of reference - Main Governing Body

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