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Autumn 1 - Being me in my world

Monster worries

We talked about our worries today.  We know that it's 'ok' to have worries, but it's good to share them with someone we trust.  We have a 'worry monster' in class too - he can eat up our worries and make us feel a little bit better. 

Rewards and consequences


This week we thought about behaviour that helps us to learn and behaviour that may stop us from learning.  We also had a good think about the type of rewards we should receive for being fabulous, as well the consequences for making the wrong choices.  We had some very interesting ideas!  In our books, we designed a certificate that we would like to receive - aren't they fantastic?

Rights and responsibilities (2)

We have been thinking about the rights and responsibilities we have, as well as the rewards and consequences that certain behaviours might bring.  We designed our own charters, which were just lovely!  We really are a thoughtful bunch!

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