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Dear Parents,


Information for parents from Bayleaf Cookery School: Updated 28th May 2020


Welcome to a very odd summer term!


In the absence of any cookery clubs being held at Oak Cottage Primary School we have put together some cook-along videos for people to follow at home. Initially we made the recipes we missed at the end of last term (Chocolate and Banana Bread & Butter Pudding and Stuffed Peppers) but we’re now starting to explore a wider range of dishes, trying to use ingredients that are relatively easy to get hold of at the moment - the first one is a really simple no-flour peanut butter cookie recipe.


All these cook-along videos, plus any new ones we make (we’re aiming for one per week) are/will be available to view on Youtube via the link below:



We’re also going to be doing short daily cookery themed challenges and other bits and pieces on our Facebook page:






We've been putting together another couple of videos in the last week or so and hopefully the results will be worth the delay (for which, apologies). This time we're making one of our all-time favourite recipes, Blackberry Bakewells. We've separated the recipe into two videos (one making pastry from scratch, one rolling the pastry and making the Bakewells) because flour is still in short supply so ready-made pastry is probably the most accessible route to making the dish.


The link to the latest videos is here:




I hope you them.


Hello again,


We've just uploaded our latest cook-along video. We made Enchiladas this week and they were very delicious indeed hopefully you will get a chance to try them out. The video is on Youtube as usual and it can be found via the link below:




Stay safe, and I'll let you know when the next video is available.




Hello again,


I hope you're all keeping well.


We've just uploaded our latest cook-along video to Youtube and this time it's Best Ever Chocolate Brownies (they really are supremely good!). This and all the other videos are available in the same place as usual, accessible via this link: