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Welcome to our Home Learning Zone. 

This are aims to give the support and guidance you may require to make remote learning a success.



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Contacting teachers

If you wish to contact your child's class teacher ,please do so via email to the school office: 



You may choose to send photographs, attachments or scanned versions of work your child has completed if it is not possible to submit online (for example via the Google Classroom in Key Stage 2).  



Feedback on home learning


If your child is completing learning at home, please regularly complete the feedback on home learning online questionnaire. It can be completed daily (at most) if that is possible at home. We would ask that it is completed at least once per week to support the teacher in setting further work that best matches your child’s needs.



YN: https://forms.gle/Mr5A8VQGdFDnkGCX7


YR: https://forms.gle/rusRUGcSac31iYwf8 


Key Stage 1

Y1: https://forms.gle/v1vx2usBjjj4YtA49


Y2: https://forms.gle/p5um2qtaTsFpKJMF7 


Key Stage 2

Y3: https://forms.gle/JUo6B7JyDjciVcKH6 


Y4: https://forms.gle/n96uJzHD4ArjboZs8


Y5: https://forms.gle/4fd8zyM1ckskxBrF6


Y6: https://forms.gle/UHE9UVYAr4bxMDeE8