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Jigsaw PSHE


We love Jigsaw in Year 4!



Our Jigsaw piece is called Jaz.



Changing Me! 


This half term in PSHE we will be discussing the changes that happen as we grow. we will explore and understand how everyone is special, express how we feel when change happens whilst also being able to understand and respect the changes that they see in themselves and other people. We will also ensure that we know who to ask for help if we are worried about change and discuss the changes that we are looking forward to. 


Session outlines

Session 1: Unique Me

Session 2: Having a Baby

Session 3: Girls and Puberty

Session 4: Circles of Change

Session 5: Accepting Change

Session 6: Looking Ahead





Here are some of the things that our Year 4 children say about Jigsaw:


"My favourite part when doing Jigsaw is our calm me time. Whenever we do it, it makes us feel calm."


"I love the chime because it is really relaxing. I like jigsaw Jaz because you can share your opinion when you are holding him."


"Calm me time always helps me to calm down and cool down!"


"The lessons are fun because we learn new things and we all listen to each other."