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Meet the Governors


Chair of Governors - Mr Paul Goddard




Welcome from the Oak Cottage Governors.  My name is Paul Goddard and I am pleased to be the current Chair of the Governing Body.


The governors are volunteers who are committed to the ethos of our school and ensuring that every child has the best possible experience while they are at Oak Cottage.  Getting this right is really important as it means our children will be fully prepared for when they move on to the challenges of secondary school. It has three core strategic functions:


  • ensuring the clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school
  • holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance  of the school and its pupils
  • overseeing financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

                                                             See Terms of Reference below


How we operate

Our role is often described as one of a “critical friend”, governors both support the headteacher and staff and challenge in a constructive way.


Until now, tasks are carried out by the Governing Body (such as approval of the School Improvement Plan) or delegated to committees or individuals in accordance with the Governing Body Delegation Planner.


Most of the work has been carried out in two main committees:


Premises & Resources Committee – ensured the efficient management of the school's resources to achieve best value for money/ensures the school site is fit for educational purposes including the upkeep of the buildings, facilities, contents and the grounds.

                                                                See Terms of Reference below


Standards & Achievement Committee - ensured that the school provides the best possible education for our pupils and adopts policies and procedures which ensure that the school and Governing Body comply with their legal, ethical and moral obligations and has due regard to the role of the school in the community.


                                                               See Terms of Reference below


This year, 2019/20, we are going to take a new approach, abandoning the traditional committee approach in favour of monthly meetings of the full governing body, where all issues can be discussed by all governors. Benefits of regular monthly meetings include faster turnaround of actions, no repetition of other committee meetings/minutes, everyone up to speed on everything. Meeting will be held on a regular day in the month, with unfinished business carried forward to next month's meeting.


Our Governors - We have fourteen governors on our Governing Body:


1 Local Education Authority Governor – appointed by Solihull MBC - Mr D Price

1 Staff Governors – elected by the school staff -  Mrs C Stirk

1 Staff Governor - ex-officio- Mr R Marshall (acting Headteacher)

4 Parent Governors – elected by parents - Mr Baptiste (Vice), Mr Henderson, Mrs Deffley & Mrs Demosthenous

7 Co-opted Governors – appointed by the governing body for skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school - Mr Goddard, Mr Grady, Mrs Hendry , Mrs Stone and Mrs Tarpey.

(2 vacancies).


The clerk to the governing body is Mrs Lesley Bullivant. If you would like to contact a school governor please contact the school office on 0121 704 9123.


Interested in becoming a governor?

If you are interested in becoming a governor at Oak Cottage or would like to know more about the role, please contact Mrs Bullivant in the school office.  Please find eligibility/disqualification information below and Governors Code of Conduct.


Appointments are carried out in accordance with the governing body's instrument of governance.


Review of academic year 2018-19


In the last academic year, the focus of attention for the governing body has been centred on the core functions of finance, educational performance and strategic issues and policies.


The Premises and Resources Committee chaired by Tim Baptiste has ensured that all building projects are planned for the purpose of enhancing an effective learning environment, creating and maintaining a safe and purposeful setting which provides for all pupils. This has included monitoring the progress of such works and inspecting them to ensure they are completed to a suitable standard, meeting the Local Authority’s Health and Safety requirements. Another aspect of the important work of this committee has been to review the resources at the schools disposal, monitoring policies for purchasing and the discarding of equipment, budget planning with direct correlation to the School Improvement Plan, and identifying grants and funding opportunities to further support the school.


The Standards and Achievement Committee  chaired by Sam Grady has been involved in maintaining and raising standards across the entire school through reviewing the relevant statutory and non-statutory policies. This has involved reviewing the school website to ensure that it remained Ofsted compliant.


An essential role of the Main Governing Body is to set and monitor the School improvement Plan. The priorities on the School Improvement Plan for 2018 – 19 were:

  • To ensure that progress continues to improve by ensuring all pupils are supported effectively to apply their skills of grammar, punctuation and spelling accurately and consistently so that even more pupils achieve the highest possible standards in writing.

  • To further strengthen the quality of teaching and learning.

  • To further strengthen the curriculum.

We are pleased and excited about the excellent appointments we were able to make as apart of a successful recruitment procedure that is in place at Oak Cottage. Unfortunately John Sheppard had to resign due to ill health and sadly he passed away in the summer. John made a tremendous contribution to the Governing body over the last 3 years and he will be sorely missed for the energy, enthusiasm and practical approach he brought to the school.



Terms of Reference MGB 2019 - Pending

Terms of reference - Main Governing Body

Terms of reference - Premises & Resources Committee - relates to 2018/19

Terms of reference - Standards & Achievement Committee - relates to 2018/19

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