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Art Club

Welcome to Art Club!


Art Club for Year 1 and Year 2 children is held every Monday after school.  Come along and join in the fun!


Week 7

Today we attempted origami!  We followed step-by-step instructions to make frogs, pigs and cats!  The children did an amazing job - well done.


Week 6

This week we listened to some music (Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats) and took our pencils for a walk!  We thought about how the music made us feel and drew swirls and whirls across our page.  Then we used oil pastels to colour it all in, using the colours that we could 'feel' in the music.  Take a look at us at work...

Week 5

The sun was shining, so we went outside to create some 'environmental art' in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.  The children did an AMAZING job and made fire-breathing dragons, a butterfly, a whole village, a park and even a variety of mini-masterpieces from one of the children!  The materials used were all found in the natural environment and included leaves, twigs, old pieces of turf, daisies, grass, stones and logs!  We even had a visit from a friendly frog who was obviously very impressed with our work smiley

Week 4

This week's focus was charcoal techniques!  We got quite mucky, but we learnt how shade, smudge and cross-hatch.  We showed off our new charcoal skills by drawing a picture of the moon.  The results were just brilliant!



Week 3

This week we had a go at drawing animals!  We followed small steps to draw all sorts of amazing creatures - from lions to frogs to spiders!  The children did an amazing job!

Week 2

With Chinese New Year looming, we created and decorated our own dragons using our handprints, feathers, sequins and lots of glue!  The dragons looked great - well done Art Clubbers!



Week 1  

This week, we experimented with tone.  We added small amounts of white paint to primary colours to create lighter tones and then added tiny amounts of black paint to create darker tones.  Our results were fantastic!

Picture 1