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Specialist strategies

What specialist strategies/equipment are available to support children with SEND?

  • Adaptations have been made for wheelchair access throughout the school
  • Handrails and sinks have been lowered for children with specific needs
  • A radio mic is used for children with a hearing impairment
  • Additional teaching room for small group withdrawal
  • Visual timetables and prompts / Task boards / Now and Next boards
  • Word banks / vocabulary mats and pre teaching of vocabulary
  • Coloured overlays and bookmarks
  • Access to laptops and IPads
  • 1:1 support as appropriate
  • Writing slopes / posture supports
  • Fine motor programmes / pencil grip and letter formation / handwriting interventions
  • Specialist cushions and chair
  • Speech and Language programmes
  • Memory games interventions
  • Learning Support Assistants support pupils with severe and complex needs (EHCP)
  • Withdrawal groups for interventions
  • Extra time given for processing and tests
  • Social skills groups for targeted children
  • Smart Moves programme
  • Transition programmes to support induction at new schools and transition to new classes
  • Social Emotional and Mental Health support / counselling


Specific Strategies to support / develop Literacy

  • Nessy Phonics program

  • SNIP Literacy spelling programme
  • Phonics interventions related to phases
  • Spelling catch up interventions
  • Story Starters

  • Sentence structure interventions
  • Year 6 booster groups

  • 1:1 Reading

  • Comprehension interventions

  • Touch typing training


Specific Strategies to support / develop Mathematics

  • Maths interventions to address assessment gaps
  • Ten frames and use of fingers to count / develop place value understanding
  • Times tables booster
  • Use of Wave 3 materials
  • Numicon
  • Year 6 booster groups