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Staffing – Academic Year 2021- 2022


Class                                                                 Teaching Staff

Head Teacher                                                    Mr Marshall

Deputy Head Teacher                                        Miss Lewis


Nursery                                                              Mrs Dennis                       
Reception                                                          Mrs Newman         FKS/KS1 Leader

Y1                                                                      Mrs Boyce

Y2                                                                      Mrs Wilson
Y3                                                                      Mr Swain  

Y4                                                                      Miss Lewis/Mrs Hodges (1 day per week)

Y5                                                                      Mr Byrom               KS2 Leader  

Y6                                                                      Mrs Hosier

Inclusion Leader                                                Mrs Goodman        (2 days per week)
YN Teaching Assistant                                      Mrs Goddard
YN Teaching Assistant                                      Ms Lutwyche
YR Teaching Assistant                                      Mrs Deeley              PPA provider YR     

YR Teaching Assistant                                      Mrs Dinnis                         

Y1 Teaching Assistant                                      Mrs Stirk                            

Y2 Teaching Assistant                                      Mrs Waters             PPA provider Y2      


KS2 Teaching Assistant                                    Mrs Hendry            PPA provider Y3 Y4

KS2 Teaching Assistant                                    Mrs Draysey  

KS2 Teacher                                                     Mrs Donkin            PPA provider Y1 Y5 Y6     

Child and Family Support Worker                     Mrs Hendry            Across whole school

Child Specific Teaching Assistant                     Mrs Hunjan            





Non-Teaching Staff

School Business Manager/Clerk to the Governors                         Mrs Bullivant
PA / School Secretary                                                                     Mrs Harris 
Site Manager / Health & Safety                                                       Mr Montgomery



Lunchtime Supervisors                               


Mrs Stevenson

Mrs Farley

Mrs S Begum

Ms A Sultana

Mrs Bazi