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Welcome to Reception


Mrs Newman and Mrs Deeley and Mrs Dinnis 



This half term we will be learning in all seven areas of the curriculum through our topic ‘Traditional Tales’.

During the topic we will be reading lots of different traditional tales and we will learn so many different things linked to each story. For example comparing animals, making pig biscuits, watching caterpillars grow and much more.

We will have two role play areas, the three pigs builders yard outside and the three bears cottage inside.

In addition, it is our turn to grow and care for fruit, vegetables and plants in our large poly tunnel. You may see the children keen to help you in the garden!

We will be going on a trip to Wonderland in Telford on 5th July and will have the opportunity to retell traditional tales and nursery rhymes, as well as meeting a few characters! If you can come along and help on the trip please let the office know. 

Please see the curriculum newsletter for more details of all the things

we will be learning.



Please practice with your children getting dressed in the morning and undressing for bed time. This will really help them during PE. In addition, please practice doing zips up on coats!



Jigsaw Jenie will be helping us this term with the topic 'changing me'.

We will learn :

•             To explore how I feel about moving to Year 1

•             To talk about my worries or the things I am looking forward to about being in Year 1

•             To share my memories of the best bits of this year in Reception




Please continue to send me emails, to let the team know what you have been learning at home and all the exciting things you have been doing.



Make sure you look at the photographs and links to work below.








Jubilee week

Dental Hygiene

In the EYFS, we teach about dental hygiene. The children learn the value of good brushing and how to use toothpaste to fight tooth decay. The Colgate Tooth Defenders help us to learn how to keep ourselves healthy and even give us our own toothbrush and toothpaste to take home!

The Tooth Defenders would like us to complete our brushing chart to make sure that we keep our teeth and gums healthy.

If you need any support for your child or any tips on keeping teeth clean, please see our documents below to help you. Also start taking your child to the dentist….it is never too early to start!

Here is a really useful document - A parents guide to What to expect in the EYFS (Early years foundation stage)