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Welcome to Reception


Mrs Newman and Mrs Deeley and Mrs Dinnis and Miss Jones



This half term we will be learning in all seven areas of the curriculum through our topic 'Out and About'. This includes holidays, journeys, days out, transport, continents and much more.

We will really be focussing on writing, so please encourage writing at home. This could be lists, letters, postcards, stories, labelling or instructions.

We will be looking at holidays in the past. Have they told you what a hockey pokey is? There are two role play areas, an airport and outside is the camping area. We will also we learning about shapes, odd and even numbers, having picnics and going on train rides!

Please see the curriculum newsletter for more details of all the things we will be learning.

Please continue to email me with all the brilliant things your children are doing

at home with you.

You will receive your child’s targets in a red zip folder at parents evening. Please practice these with your child. They will be reviewed at the end of the term.



Jigsaw Jenie will still be helping us this term. She will be helping us

think about relationships. 


Please continue to send me emails, to let the team know what you have been learning at home and all the exciting things you have been doing.



Make sure you look at the photographs and links to work below.








Early Adopter School

We have started this school year with an exciting change for our 'Early Years Foundation Stage'. The government released two new documents  of 'Curriculum Guidance' for the 'Early Years Foundation Stage' and 'Development matters' in September 2021.


Our school has opted in to be an ‘Early adopter’ of this new guidance and will be piloting the 'New Early Learning Goals'. Those schools who are not early adopters will follow this guidance from September 2021.

Please visit https://www.oak-cottage.solihull.sch.uk/curriculum/ to see the guidance. 

Photographs of Minibeast man visit