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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Miss Bayley






Road Trip USA!

Buckle up, put your shades on – we’re off on a road trip across the U S of A!









Flying from Birmingham International, and landing at JFK airport New York, it’s time to explore the amazing sights and sounds of the Big Apple. We will be using our map skills to navigate our way around some of its most famous landmarks and will get the chance to send postcards home to ask the question: Do you wish you were here?

Learning how to send an email is important, especially when you want to book a day trip or reserve a room.  We must be sure to ask those all important questions: Does your hotel have a pool? Is there 24-hour room service?



We will meet the Iroquois tribe; Native Americans with fascinating customs and traditions.


Then we will plan a bespoke road trip for Mr Smith and his family of four, they want to spend three weeks in the sun!

It’s going to be a long ride, put the roof down and let the wind blow through your hair – off we go!




If you encounter anything online that you are unsure about please report it immediately to the nearest adult, just as you would in school. These websites might help you:

www.childline.org.uk – support for children 
www.thinkuknow.co.uk – support for children

Parents may also wish to see the Safeguarding section of our school website which includes details on E-safety:




In school we were exploring animal classifications. Here is an activity you can print off at home.

School Closure Activities due to Covid-19:


Please find below lots of activities, both practical and written, that you can do with your child during the school closure. As we cannot anticipate how long this will be for, we have given you links to items that you can print, do online or undertake as a family. Further activities will be posted directly to your child via the Google Classroom in due course.


White Rose maths questions - https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/


https://families.jigsawpshe.com/stuck-at-home/  no password            required.


  • Jigsaw will shortly be launching the Jigsaw Big Sing…the Jigsaw song, Together as One, which seems appropriate at this time, will be shared through our Stuck at Home web pages (with suggested learning activities). We will invite people to learn the song and video themselves singing it, sending us the video so we can share the Jigsaw Big Sing with the world.

https://www.twinkl.co.uk/offer - work for each year group – interactive and downloadable across subjects – you will need to join – choose you are a parent – enter the code CVDTWINKLHELPS. Once you are in, select parent hub and choose your subject and year group.


https://www.teachingpacks.co.uk/50-youtube-channels-for-home-learning/?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Free+Resources+for+Home+Learning%21&utm_campaign=AC50YoutubeChannels  different video programmes covering all subject areas


https://themuddypuddleteacher.co.uk/muddy-ks2/  - free subscription – outside learning


https://www.tts-group.co.uk/home+learning+activities.html – downloadable activity booklets for each key stage


https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/free-home-learning-packs/  - downloadable pack for each year group


https://thereadingrealm.co.uk/ - reading and grammar work


https://corbettmathsprimary.com/5-a-day/  KS2 maths


https://ttrockstars.com/page/covid19support  - timetables practice


https://spellingframe.co.uk/ - spellings to practice – pick your year group


https://www.hamilton-trust.org.uk/blog/learning-home-packs/ - maths questions for each year group


https://www.gonoodle.com/ - activity breaks

Dreams and Goals