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Welcome to Nursery!

Mrs Dennis

Mrs Goddard & Mrs Raithby-Allin


We celebrated Chinese New Year together!

We enjoyed tasting noodles, we looked at how they change when they

are heated and cooked.

We compared the different lengths of the noodles as we ate them. It was great fun!!

We also practised writing numerals in mandarin!







This half term our topic will be 'Clothes'


We will also be looking at different types of clothing; seasonal clothes and finding out about clothes worn in different parts of the world.

Towards the end of the half term we will investigate 'people who help us'; looking at their uniforms and the jobs that they do to help others.

We might meet some of these people too! 


Our curriculum overviews can be viewed at the bottom of this page - find out all about what we will be doing this half term and look at the ideas for ways to help your child at home. 



Ark Farm Indoor Animal Experience in November


We met 'Plop' the owl!   


We will continue to discuss feelings and emotions; using story books and our school 'Jigsaw' programme to support and encourage the children to use words to express themselves.

We are looking at similarities and celebrating differences! We all like different animals and have talked about our favourite pets - we made a bar chart to show which animals we liked the most and which one was the most popular. 





Remember.....It's good to talk!

It would be great to set aside 5 minutes a day to sing a song together, share a new story book or just simply have a chat... because it's good to talk and life gets busy sometimes!

Young children need to constantly hear conversations and engage in them to be able to learn how to speak to others confidently and extend their vocabulary.


















Our year so far......