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The schemes of work at Oak Cottage Primary School are carefully planned to meet the needs of the curriculum guidelines for the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum.  We aim to teach our curriclulum in an engaging, interesting and stimulating way, primarily through a thematic approach.



The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum


At Oak Cottage, the Early Years Foundation Stage encompasses the Nursery and Reception classes.  The Early Years Foundation Stage is about developing key learning skills such as listening, speaking, concentration, persistence and learning to co-operate with other children.  We also work to develop early communication, literacy and numeracy skills that will prepare children for Key Stage 1 of the National Curriculum.


The curriculum of the Early Years Foundation Stage is organised into seven areas of learning:-


  1. Personal, social and emotional development
  2. Communication and language development
  3. Mathematical development
  4. Understanding of the world
  5. Physical development
  6. Expressive arts and design
  7. Literacy


Each area of the curriculum has Early Learning Goals, which establish expectations for children to reach by the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage.  Learning at this stage is play based, with highly focused learning objectives to match.


Early Adopter School

We have started this school year with an exciting change for our 'Early Years Foundation Stage'. The government released two new documents  of 'Curriculum Guidance' for the 'Early Years Foundation Stage' and 'Development matters' in September 2021.


Our school has opted in to be an ‘Early adopter’ of this new guidance and will be piloting the 'New Early Learning Goals'. Those schools who are not early adopters will follow this guidance from September 2021.



The Curriculum in Key Stages 1 and 2


Oak Cottage Primary School is committed to meeting the requirements of the new curriculum from September 2014.  We are using "Cornerstones Curriculum" as the basis for our cross-curricular thematic approach.  For more information on Cornerstones please click the link below.

For information on each subject in the National Curriculum please click the link below.
For information on the curriculum for each Year group please click the link below:

Ofsted have recognised our good practice in Personal, Social and Health Education and have published a good practice example of our work on promoting a positive body image.



Please click the link below to see our SEND provision.

If you would like any further information about our curriculum, please book an appointment with the class teacher in the first instance or contact the school office so that you can be put in touch with the relevant subject leader.